The duff – how beautiful women gain advantage

How do the beautiful Heathrow escorts women gain advantage? By contrast! Showing something with the use of contrast is one of the most popular methods of manipulation. An experiment on the campus has been made. 100 students were asked to do 1-hour classes for children after they finish their regular classes. Only two people agreed. Later another 100 students were first asked to do 1-hour classes for children 3-times a week for two years. Almost all of them said no, but then they were faced with another question: Will they do 1-hour classes for children just once, after their finish their regular classes? 76 of them said yes (and seemed to be really relieved in doing so – what a surprising change!). Same question, two different answers and huge disproportion in the amount of students who agreed to do classes. Escorts london

beautiful womenIf this experiment teaches us something, it is that we tend to judge people and situations by comparison. The exact same thing is applied by beautiful women who show up in the company of uglier friend, which makes them look better. The duff – which is an acronym for “The designated ugly and fat friend” is a person used by beautiful women to gain advantage. Uglier friends are more accessible and therefore they serve as a link to beautiful women, often used by men who want to date beautiful friends of the duff, but never the duff herself. The emergence of this term was reassured with the release of the funny comedy “The DUFF”, however if you suspect that you may be the duff, the best idea is to end toxic relationship with your friends or show up solo at the parties.

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